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Dog Waste Services we provide and Significant Information 

Its completely wrong to consider the Dog or pet poop as good Fertilizer or compare it to cow manure. Here are a few very important details :  

Today,most dog food is made from combinations of meat by product, fish (if you're lucky), vegetables, and grains that after digestion are converted into feces and are then left on the grass. A dogs feces can attract flees and worms which then infest themselves inside making it poisonous. Comparable to cow manure, cows are vegetarians which plays a large role in their feces. Their feces is able to be used a fertilizer because it does not get infested and does not become poisonous.
Even small amounts of dog waste contain a million parasites and bacteria such as: (FECAL COLIFORM   and SALMONELLA, ) that are very dangerous for the pets themselves, especially to humans. This could easily spread by fleas from outside. Not to mention, that most of the apartments ,parking lots , yard , parks , playgrounds, lakes ,pounds, golf parks and public places.

Waste Removal process :  

Our professional team arrives to our customers' location ,inspects the area ,searches ,cleans up by
picking up and scooping up all the droppings in the bags and removing them completely.
At Pooper Scoopers, we offer one time Clean-Up ,Weekly Maintenance, and Monthly Based Poop
Scooping Services. This is available for single and multiple dog houses *.     

We are available for you whether you have a commercial property ,rental property, new house, selling a home, or residential home and need pet waste removal, or cleanup Sanitation and Disinfection. 
Just make sure to contact DFW Local Poopers Scoopers specialists at 972-905-9397  
We are available 24 hours a 7 days a week .

Allow Poopers Scoopers of DFW to make you and your pet environment Healthy, Clean, and Safe while keeping waste problems under control Today!

* Large yards, big dogs, large parks, city areas, weekends and holiday may be subject to extra fees that will be discussed upfront with the technician*